Download Instructions

Here are some suggestions if  you are new to downloading files. Please remember that as your computer may be set up differently, the following instructions  may need to be adapted to your machine by a friend who can help you.

Wherever you are offered something to download, selecting the suggested link or image should start the download process. Sometimes you will be asked if you want to open or download the file. Even if you ask to open it, security settings may prevent this. 


If you try to open a file, and it doesn’t it may be because your security settings prevent it. In this case the files are likely to have been saved to your downloads directory. This will be C:\Users\Bill\downloads if your username is Bill.

In such cases, the file may be  found from your browser by selecting the down arrow underlined button that looks like this:


Mac machines just work, so the download should end up ……………..

7-day SELFCARE Planner

Select the link below to save the planner to your downloads folder.