Stress Resilience

Do you just want to “manage” your stress? Or do you want to transform it?

Research shows that too much stress can have very negative effects on our health and well-being. Sure, a little stress can feel motivating when we’re challenged to push ourselves. But when the stress level is too high and goes on for too long, it damages our health in a number of ways; we may experience headaches, excessive fatigue, or digestive problems. Elevated cortisol (the stress hormone) has been shown to contribute to weight gain, especially around the waist, with all the added health complications that entails. Chronic stress can make us more vulnerable to physical illness, by weakening our immune system. Our appetite, sleep, and mood can also suffer, triggering anxiety and depression. We can get caught up in a downward spiral; the worse we feel, the less productive we are… and the more we struggle to keep up with the demands of our lives, the more stress we experience, intensifying the symptoms even further. We need a way to break the cycle.

For most of us, just opting out of “stressful” activities or environments is not a practical solution. After all, many of the demands in our life spring from the very same sources that fill our lives with meaning and purpose…. So, if the answer is not to abandon your career and desert your family, then what is it?

I provide a program which is proven to develop stress resilience. As your coach, I will be your ally and accountability partner. Together we will gain insight into the stress factors in your life, and see where deficits can be transformed into assets. This is a 12-week program which uses a range of tools, including biofeedback technology, to develop your capacity to deal with stress in positive, creative ways, so that you can exchange anxiety and overwhelm for more calm and vitality in your life.