Freedom from emotional eating


Most of us know what kinds of foods are good for our health, and most of us really do know how much food our bodies need. But food is not simply fuel, and overeating is rarely due to either a lack of knowledge, or a lack of self-discipline. This is the point that most “diets” fail to address. Experts agree that around 75% of overeating is due to emotional eating. Many of us use food to cope with our feelings. Learning more effective ways to nurture and nourish ourselves is a key to success in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and can benefit us in other aspects of life as well, including relationships, career, and quality of life in general.


In this 12-week program, we will focus on changing your emotional diet. Together we will learn to recognise your stress triggers and regulate the feelings that can lead to emotional eating. We will use proven tools and techniques, including biofeedback technology, to increase psychophysiological coherence, helping you to shift to more positive and balanced emotional states and move you past the emotional triggers that lead to overeating. As your coach, I will support you to make the changes you want to make in your life, and sustain your commitments, so that you can have greater vitality, and a sense of freedom and ease in your relationship to food.