I help busy professionals transform stress into vitality,
so they can do more of what really matters to them,
and enjoy life more at the same time.

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Are you:

Striving to excel in multiple roles all at once, but feel like you’re falling short?

Running yourself ragged trying to meet everyone’s expectations?

Wondering how much longer you can keep all the balls in the air?

Neglecting your own well-being, because you’re “too busy”?

Putting your dreams & aspirations on the back-burner because there’s just no time to pursue them?

Then it's time to:

Gain insight into the stress factors in your life, and identify where deficits can be transformed into assets.

Develop your resilience and psychological flexibility.

Gain the capacity to deal with stress in positive, creative ways.

Build a strong foundation of practical self-care and the mental habits of well-being.

So you can:

Wake up each morning feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, full of enthusiasm for a new day.

Create a compelling vision to draw you forward… the “why” that makes it all worthwhile!

Finally start making time to really look after yourself.

Enjoy your productivity, and the satisfaction that comes from using your gifts to the fullest, to make your unique contribution to the world.


You know that somehow your life needs to change,

but change takes time and energy…

and right now you’re desperately short on both.


I know.  I’ve been there too.

The competing demands, the never-enough-time, and the relentless pressure to somehow get it all done.
Taking time out to look after yourself, recharge your batteries, seems impossible.

We need a way to break the cycle.

For most of us, just opting out of “stressful” activities or environments is not a practical solution.
After all, many of the demands in our life spring from the very same sources that fill our lives with meaning and purpose….

So, if the answer is not to abandon your career and desert your family, then…
What is it?

Take a deep breath,

let your shoulders relax,

and book your free “Stress Strategies” Discovery Session with me.

How I've helped clients to transform their lives:

Pip helped me to really focus on what’s important in my life, to know what I want and how to make it happen. She always seems to know just the right questions to ask to help me see things from a new angle. Now I’m getting out of my own way, and creating a life I love!


Before I worked with Pip I felt like I was drowning in responsibilities and obligations. I was completely overwhelmed. Now, I’m still busy (with 4 kids and a full-time career!) but I know I have the resources to do my best work, be an awesome parent, AND still have a life of my own!


Pip really helped me work out what I needed to do to finally start looking after myself. Now I know that self-care is not an optional extra to fit in “when I have time”.  It’s essential, and I MAKE time. Coaching with Pip has absolutely changed my life,  in more ways than I can say.


3 Good Things - An Appreciation Journal

This journal contains prompt questions and inspiring quotes to help you create a daily practice of expressing appreciation. The quote pages are also designed to be coloured in while you relax and contemplate the quote, or reflect on what you have written. We all have an innate drive to make life more wonderful, not just for ourselves but for others too. May this journal make YOUR life more wonderful!

Pip Cody

Hi, I’m Pip.

I’m the principal coach and founder of Dare Wellness. I’m a Certified Stress Resilience Coach, with a background in counselling, training, facilitation and mentoring.

I’m also the creator of The SELF-CARE Solution, and the author of “FLAWSOME: Learning to Embrace Imperfection”.

I believe that we all have the potential to do amazing things. As a coach I have the privilege of helping my clients clarify their values and their vision, and then supporting them and cheering them on as they take steps toward their desired future.

I work with people who are ready to take responsibility for their health, happiness, and success in life.

My clients already possess the resources and ability to achieve their goals; the coaching process unlocks those resources and unleashes clients’ ability to use them, so that they can let go of unworkable habits and beliefs, and create greater joy, vitality, wellbeing and freedom in their lives.

Pip partners with...

I believe that we all have an innate drive to make life more wonderful, not only for ourselves, but for everyone. That’s why I’m so delighted to have a lifetime partnership with the Global Giving Initiative, B1G1: Business For Good www.B1G1.com “Every thought, every word, and every action that adds to the positive and the wholesome is a contribution to peace.  Each and every one of us is capable of making such a contribution.“
 ~ Aung San Suu Kyi

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